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Industry Sector's - Automotive / Auto Sports

Despite huge global competition the UK Automotive Industry remains our largest and most important manufacturing sector and Advanced Grinding Solutions continues to provide our many automotive component manufacturing customers with the most productive solutions

From large Crankshaft and Camshaft production lines for Car Manufacturers to one-off specialist machines for first and second tier sub-suppliers we operate throughout the vast Automotive Industry sector. Our machines are used to manufacture a huge variety of components including fuel injection systems, gears, hydraulics, valves, piston pins and con rods etc.

The Automotive Industry has always been about low cycle times for the mass production of components but with today’s need to provide ultimate component quality at the lowest possible price this means that the most precise and reliable machine tools are required. Because we have always operated at the very high end of the market we are ideally placed to offer not only the fastest but also the most precise solutions available today.

Within the growing Auto Sport Industry our machines are used by F1 teams and major subcontractors. Here volumes are of course substantially lower than mainstream automotive work and the emphasis is on the utmost precision combined with great flexibility to produce a wide variety of part variants.

If you are involved in manufacturing automotive components check out the many solutions offered by all of our Principals who all supply the automotive industry: