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Industry Sector's - Fuel Injection

The first machine tool company that I worked for, Dorman Machinery, that later became in essence the forerunner for Advanced Grinding Solutions, was founded by Mr John Dorman in 1960 and his first sales were made to Lucas (Diesel Systems); the company he left when entering into machine sales for the first time.

Our range of machines has continued to adapt to the central demands of the fuel injection industry that is dominated by global manufactures such as Delphi Diesel Systems to whom we are the major and proud supplier to.

The demands to meet every stricter emission regulations has meant the continuous development of new fuel injector systems to increasingly tighter tolerances and the widespread use of fuel injection for both commercial and passenger vehicles has seen demand rocket thus putting heavy emphasis on reducing production cycle times to the minimum.

The demands placed on the fuel injection industry are more critical than to almost any other industry sector; the component tolerances that have to be obtained are the tightest imaginable (assume typical needs to machine many part features to well under 0.5┬Ám and you will begin to understand the problems and challenges involved). This combined with continual reductions in the size of components and the time available to machine those parts means that very few machines are capable of producing these to the necessary standards within acceptable cycle times.

This has driven leading machine tool companies such as Bahmuller to specialize in designing machines specifically for fuel injection components.

Machines and equipment used for the production of very high precision fuel injector parts include those offered by: