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COMAT is a specialist manufacturer of high-quality filtration systems for the management of metal working cutting oil across the engineering industry.

Through an in-depth analysis of each individual client's needs, Comat designs and manufacture super-filtration systems that deliver ≤ 2-3 μm filtration quality throughout the entire working cycle thus maximising the quality of parts produced on machine tools whilst minimising lifetime running costs and maintaining maximum coolant consistency.

Comat systems can be customised to meet specific client's needs allowing for maximum efficiency of the filtration process. Oil is filtered to a better quality than new unused oil on Comat systems.

The remote monitoring of the performance of their filtration systems from their HQ near Milan in Italy ensures effective after sales support. Systems can be monitored in real-time during manufacturing processes and customers filter systems fine-tuned by Comat to ensure that the optimum filtration quality is obtained at all times.

Today, more than 20,000 machine-tools use Comat Filtration Systems, with more than 20,000,000 litres of metal working oil super-filtered every single day. Comat operates globally and have a 30-year history in developing the most advanced filtration systems that are available.

Comat's Superfiltration Technology uses continuously regenerating filtering media (diatomaceous earth, cellulose or other vegetable media), to ensure that particles larger than ≤ 3 μm are removed from cutting fluids and the fluid is maintained at a stable desired fixed temperature. Oil that is filtered by Comat systems does not need to be replaced and many clients report that they have never changed the oil for up to 20 years (save top-ups due to oil loss).


Main applications for these filter systems include tool grinding on Rollomatic, Walter and Anca machines (as well as many others) and Superfinishing, but there are also many other applications on automatic lathes and machining centres of all kinds.

Comat filtration systems ensure a higher and more consistent quality of machined components, increased lifetime of cutting fluids, reduced machine wear and importantly bring about an increased lifetime of grinding wheels and cutting tools.

From small stand-alone systems to support a single grinding machine with a capacity of 60 l/min up to centralised units that can cater for up to 13 grinding machines (or 45 lathes in special applications) with a capacity of over 800 l/min; Comat have the solution for your needs.

Cost studies have shown that Comat systems are considerably cheaper to run that other systems that use candles or a series of cartridge type filters whose running costs are up to 4 times greater.

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