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Fine Grinding and Lapping Machines and Consumables


The broad range of FLP fine grinding and lapping machines includes for both twin wheel - double sided CNC Lapping Machines and also single sided Lapping machines. The size of machines ranges from the most basic of 400mm in diameter having three working stations up to the world’s largest 100 ton 4-meter diameter monsters.

FLP also offers used machines, often from stock, that have been rebuilt to an as-new standard as well as supplying replacement spare and wear parts for all market established machines such as those from Stähli, Wolters, Wenzky, Melchiorre, Lapmaster, and Speedfam. Regardless of the type and size of a customer’s old fine grinding, flat honing, lapping or polishing machine – FLP will carry out process and technology orientated improvements and general overhauls of your machines for you.


FLP holds over £2.5million worth of lapping consumables in stock and offers end users of all types of lapping machine the largest range of wear parts and consumables. The range is vast and includes items such as Lapping and polishing oils, Fine classified silicon carbide, boron carbide, and special fused aluminium Lapping Powders, Lapping and polishing fluids in water derived concentrates with integrated rust protection, Honing oils for machining steel, non-ferrous metals, hard metals and ceramic, and Diamond sprays, suspensions, powders and pastes with micro-grains of various specifications and grades from 0.25um up to 45um.

Flat components are processed on a planetary polishing table. Through the rotary movement of the polishing table, workpiece holder and brush, the edges of parts are all evenly radiused. At the same time, the complete surface covered by the rotary brush is polished.

FLPs final product line is the subcontract facility it offers customers using their fully equipped factory work-shop that has a large variety of single and double sided lapping machines and all associated equipment that’s needed to produce fine ground and lapped components for its customers. FLP manufactures in excess of 15 million lapped parts a year for customers needing a sub-contract facility with some customers needing very small batches produced for them and others needing 250,000 parts a week every week. The sub-contract facility comprises of the flat honing, fine grinding, lapping, polishing and deburring of all components including full process documentation, measurements and statistics.


For all Lapping and Fine Grinding applications talk to us about the FLP range of machines and equipment.


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