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Precision CNC machines for cutting tools


Rollomatic, one of the best known, most successful, and highly respected manufacturers of multi- axis CNC grinding machines, is the machine of choice for the production of rotary cutting tools of all kinds and un-round tools such as punches.

Often recognized as the world-leaders for production solutions for small cutting tools from 0.1mm in diameter, Rollomatic GrindSmart® machines also excel at producing large cutters of up to 20mm in diameter, and the superior Swiss manufactured quality of every Rollomatic machine is demonstrated with their industry leading 3-year parts and labour warranty that comes as standard on all new Rollomatic machines.

The Rollomatic GrindSmart® machine is available with a 6th CNC axis to ensure perfect tool geometry because unlike 5-axis machines the contact point of the grinding wheel remains constant over the entire grinding path during production.

For automatic loading a variety of solutions are offered including high speed robot loaders that can load 20mm dia tool blanks in around 8 seconds. A thousand tools can be stored in pallets for unmanned running throughout entire shifts and GrindSmart® machines offer high uptime rates approaching 99% and a productivity output superior to other makes of machines without any human intervention.


The automatic changing of grinding wheels is well catered for and the ultra-compact design of the 6-position wheel changer has a capacity of 24 grinding wheels and allows for wheel changes (complete with coolant pipes) during the tool load/unload cycle to minimize dead time to further improve productivity.

Rollomatic’s ShapeSmart® and RPG machines are ideally suited for the high performance cylindrical infeed grinding of cutting tool blanks such as drills, form tools, reamers, end mills, and punches. The ShapeSmart NP3 variant offers tool concentricity after grinding of under 0.001mm. These machines use a unique grinding process known as "Pinch and Peel" for the grinding of tool blanks or punches with a diameter of 0.025mm up to 25mm.

VirtualGrind® Pro is the innovative core software for the Rollomatic GrindSmart® 5 and 6 axis precision tool and cutters grinders. Designed on the basis of Rollomatic’s 20-year experience in grinding cutting tools by their own team of software engineers, VirtualGrind® Pro is a user-friendly, extremely powerful and flexible software that can be used to program and manufacture any kind of standard, high-performance or special cutting tool.

Rollomatic’s line up of high precision machines is completed with their LaserSmart 501 machine that features simultaneous 5-axis interpolation for the very high precision laser machining of ultra-hard materials such as PCD, CVD, MCD and natural diamond. The LaserSmart 501 processes multiple operations such as cutting-edge generation, chip breaker machining and cylindrical land machining in one complete set-up. The LaserSmart machines can produce truly razor sharp cutting edges with a radius of under 1um.

The use of Rollomatic machines offers end-users key quality benefits and enables them to compete globally. The superb quality that comes from utilizing Rollomatic machines includes superior cycle times (demonstrated perfectly by the use of the ShapeSmart machines for blank production) perfect run-out tolerances of cutting tools to under 0.001mm and very fine surface finishes on ground surfaces.

To support their large number of end-users here in the UK and in Eire, Rollomatic have their own UK based service team with direct access back to the Rollomatic HQ for the same-day dispatch of all spare parts thus guaranteeing UK customers a very high level of customer support. Remember with Rollomatic you also get free software updates for life.

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