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Tschudin – One of the greatest names in grinding – continues to explore new advances in centerless grinding technology.

When Urs Tschudin designed his latest range of machines he did so with the aim in providing machines offering the best precision combined with the highest productivity. To do so he firstly focused upon reducing the number of components to the minimum required on the simple basis that if its not there then it can hardly break-down!

Then in specifying what parts were used then naturally only the very best were chosen but as importantly only those of a design that also offer the most reliability were used. Today the Tschudin Ecoline machine is stated as being the world’s easiest, simplest and fastest CNC centerless grinder to set-up. This is no mean claim!

Starting with the machine bed natural granite offers the maximum thermal stability so this was specified over castings or polymer concrete. For minimal maintenance all machine components are engineered for life-time lubrication.


Tschudin specify a stationary workrest blade support system to enable simpler automatic integration. After dressing the grinding and regulating wheel axis automatically compensate for the dressing amount in relation to the workrest blade itself. Therefore automation does not need an additional axis to follow the change in workrest blade position.

Since 1991 Tschudin were the worlds first grinding machine manufacturer to use direct drive main grinding spindles to achieve less noise, lower vibrations and energy consumption and standard constant surface speeds with less maintenance. All axis movements are done with digital servo drives so there are no hydraulics on the machine and no thermal expansion resulting in higher precision.

Tschudins aim to remove the need for parts or replace with the most reliable ones even lead to a Piezzo operator control panel being used so there is not even a need for light bulbs in the panel with diodes showing the on/off status of all machine features.

For high precision plunge grinding applications Tschudin offer very productive solutions with the auto-loading and subsequent grinding of 6 or more parts at a time.

Tschudin – Less = More!


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